Sunday, July 27, 2008

Windows file manager

Are you constantly at war with the windows file manager? There must be a better solution, right? Well there is, at least one, and its called Xplorer2 .... but the best news is that its free for private use.

It comes complete with support for tabbed file browsing, bookmarks, FTP access, advanced file filtering and will show copy of an image file right in the pane or play your music file without your having to open a player. Its well worth a look.

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Koeburg down again

With Koeberg nuclear power station down and Eskom predicting that it could be three weeks before it is commissioned again what are the chances that we will see a return t load shedding?

"Any loss of generating capacity places strain on the national grid. During the next few weeks while the unit at Koeberg is out for repairs the risk of load shedding is increased," Eskom said in a statement on Thursday.

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Do you Twitter?

If not, just perhaps you should be giving it some thought as a way to stay in contact with people in your social circle. Twitter is a simple way to broadcast short messages, of not more than 140 characters, across the Internet and even to cell phones via sms or to instant messaging applications.

Twitter can be accessed from a browser by going to the URL but there are many more interesting and more functional ways to send your Tweets. Here is a link to a page which will give you some ideas.

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