Tuesday, May 18, 2010

HTC Unveils ‘Wildfire’ for European and Asian Markets

HTC has just unveiled their next Android handset this morning. Called the Wildfire, it's a Sense UI smart phone that follows in the footsteps of HTC Tattoo with a bit of Desire form factor. Like other Sense-based devices, the Wildfire features Friend Stream, Peep and the other widgets that help add flavor to their custom build of Android.

One feature that makes its debut on the Wildfire is the new application sharing widget. Designed to help users share and discover new Android applications, it allows for anyone to recommend titles to friends via text, email, twitter, etc.  Friends will then receive a link taking them directly to the application within the Android Market.  In another first for the handset maker, the phone comes with HTC Caller ID which displays your contact's Facebook profile picture, latest update, and birthday reminders.

HTC Unveils ‘Wildfire’ for European and Asian Markets

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