Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gold Bears Are Wrong, Smart Money Isn't Selling

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By Toby Connor

Last week I was told that we were going to see more gold weakness in the days ahead because big money had to sell their positions. Folks, smart big-money traders don’t sell into weakness. These kinds of investors don’t think like the typical retail investor who's forever trying to avoid drawdowns. Big-money investors take positions based on fundamentals and then continually buy dips until the fundamentals reverse. The fundamentals haven’t reversed for gold so I’m confident in saying that smart money isn’t selling its gold, it's using this dip to accumulate.
With that being said, there are times when big money will sell into the market and it's why technical analysis, as used by retail traders, often doesn’t work. They sell into the market to accumulate positions. Let me explain.
When a large fund wants to buy, it can’t just simply start buying stock like you or I would. Doing so would run the market up, causing it to fill at higher and higher prices. Unlike the average retail trader, smart money attempts to buy into weakness and sell into strength (buy low, sell high). In order to buy the kind of size it needs without moving the market against itself, a large trader needs very liquid conditions. Ask yourself, when do those kind of conditions exist? They happen when markets break technical levels.

Gold Bears Are Wrong, Smart Money Isn't Selling

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