Thursday, October 21, 2010

Always be on the Lookout with Lookout Mobile Security! | AndroidGuys

The phones we purchase are nice devices, we spend the money to get the best.  Some people spend as much on their phone as they do their PC or maybe even more.  So we should only be as respectful to them as we are with our home computers.  Lookout Mobile Security watches over your device in three ways.  This app has the options of being a security/anti-virus scanner, backing up your phone's internal data, and last but certainly not least a "Find my Phone" feature!

The first piece to this application that I mentioned was the security/anti-virus scanner.  This will check every app you install and automatically updates when new dangerous apps are discovered.  You are also able to run a full virus scan just as you can on any personal computer.  This can be scheduled to run as often as needed, or only on a you say so basis.  Scanning 143 applications for virus/malware only took about 45 seconds. Of course zero viruses were found :)

Pretty much everyone has gone through the horror of losing data.  Thankfully, Google was very smart with their contact syncing when they developed Android.  Even though that is an annoyance we won't have to deal with, it is still part of the backup option with Lookout, as well as backing up photos and call history.  This information is stored on their own site and is accessible from any PC or phone as long as you know your log-in information.  "Whether you accidentally delete data, your phone is lost, or even destroyed--your data is safe. You can restore any data with the click of a mouse. Changing devices is just as easy and your data can be transferred in seconds."

And it works as claimed .....

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