Wednesday, November 10, 2010

World Bank Head Is Back, Says Don't Ignore Gold Which Is Now "The Elephant In The Room" | zero hedge

After making some very unwelcome advances calling for a return to the gold reserve, World Bank head Robert Zoellick is again back, and refuses to shut up. The FT reports that earlier Zoellick said the increasing use of gold as a monetary asset was an “elephant in the room” that was being ignored by policymakers in the debate over how to correct global trade and fiscal imbalances. It gets worse: during a conference presentation, Zoellick said the price of gold indicated that the world was heading towards a new monetary system in which the US dollar would be only one of a number of reserve currencies with flexible exchange rates. As we highlighted yesterday, a variety of factors have already conspired to make it appears that not the dollar, but the Chinese currency is increasingly starting to act as a reserve currency on its own merit.

Will gold become the new reserve currency?

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