Tuesday, August 3, 2010

China Officially Enters The Gold Market

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Tyler Durden

The moment many gold bulls have been waiting for - the Chinese Central Bank has just released a directive informing everyone it is commencing the development of a health gold market. In the release (below), the PBoC stressed the need to develop the market to serve the overall situation of China's gold industry, based on improving the competitiveness of China's financial markets, effectively strengthening innovation, and promoting the formation of multi-level market system. The PBoC has asked the Shanghai Gold Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange and commercial banks to become actively engaged in developing a national gold market. With China owning a mere $1,064 billion worth of gold (sixth in the world and well behind both France and the GLD ETF in terms of holdings), which represent just 1.6% of its reserve holdings, there is only one way to interpret this borderline revolutionary press release. China has now officially entered the gold market.

China Officially Enters The Gold Market

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