Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Richard Russell Slams Robert Prechter, Praises Gold, Tells Readers To Get Out Of Stocks

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Tyler Durden

Richard Russell tells readers how he really feels. And, yes, the bear slams everything fiat and tells readers to leave stocks and go into gold.

The specter of deflation is cropping up in many media outlets today. In fact, I'd say that deflation talk has almost become popular. The key question is this -- Fed Chief Bernanke is obviously reading and hearing all about the "coming deflation." What will Bernanke do about it? I think he will fight deflation with all the weapons at his command. And Bennie has a lot of weapons, least of which is printing "money."
...Then (believe it or not) in the same issue of Barron's we see an article by my old friend, Robert Prechter, the guru of the Elliott Wave thesis. Robert explains how a great contraction in credit and debt will bring about deflation. Robert notes that the amount of dollar-denominated debt worldwide is some $57 trillion. . . The already-issued debt and potential debt is poised to overwhelm the possibility of management monetization. The Fed's assets amount to $2.3 trillion, a drop in the global debt bucket."
Robert concludes his frightening article as follows -- "If you are positioned for more inflation -- as the vast majority of investors are -- you are likely to find yourself on the wrong side of the monetary bet. Positioning for deflation simply means avoiding traditional investments, especially risky debt, and maintaining maximum safety in cash equivalents, held in the safest institutions. If you shed market and institutional risk, you can sail through deflationary times unscathed."

Richard Russell Slams Robert Prechter, Praises Gold, Tells Readers To Get Out Of Stocks

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