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U.S. Retirement Deficit Reaches $6.6 Trillion: 'God Help the Poor Gen Xers'

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America's retirement crisis has reached epic proportions, according to a recent study by Boston College's Center for Retirement Research. The study estimates that the current retirement income deficit, or the gap between the retirement savings of U.S. households and what they need to have in order to maintain their living standards past retirement, is a whopping $6.6 trillion -- five times the projected federal deficit for 2010.

"The key sources of income retirees are relying on are either under attack, in the case of Social Security, or disappearing, in the case of traditional pensions," said Ross Eisenbrey, vice president of the Economic Policy Institute, at a press conference on Wednesday. "The early Boomers are better off than the late Boomers, and God help the poor Gen Xers. Seventy percent of them are on a track that leads to a fallen standard of living in retirement."

According to the latest retirement income data, half of 65-and-older households have an annual income of less than $29,744 -- about half the median income of younger households. Traditional pensions are disappearing in favor of 401(k) plans, which allow employers to shift much of the cost and all of the risk to their employees, and on top of this, Congress is considering cutting Social Security to balance the federal budget.

Maria Freese, director of government relations for the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, said that the $6.6 trillion estimated retirement deficit is a "conservative number" and that the crisis could become far worse if Social Security is compromised.

U.S. Retirement Deficit Reaches $6.6 Trillion: 'God Help the Poor Gen Xers'

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