Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dylan Gets Romantic

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By David Gates | NEWSWEEK

Published Apr 18

For more than four decades, Bob Dylan's following has resembled both rapt children behind the Pied Piper and hellhounds on his trail: they can take any new direction in his work as a revelation or a personal affront. During a 1966 concert in Manchester, England, one fan's devotion to the early recordings with acoustic guitar moved him to shout "Judas!" when confronted with Dylan's full-on rock band. And then came the quasi-country albums, the cover albums, the breakup album, the white-jumpsuit period, the Christian period, the '80s rock period, the return to acoustic folk and the so-called comeback album "Time Out of Mind," followed by "Love and Theft" and, most recently, "Modern Times.

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