Friday, September 18, 2009

Gerald Celente - Trends

Celente predicted in December 2007 that 2008 would be called the "Panic of 2008"...This centered on financial chaos.
His latest predictions called the "Collapse of 2009" - will see a range of calamities that will leave no sector unscathed.
  • Next in line to plunge... retail which accounts for 70% of consumer spending.
  • Multiple bankruptcies of major retailers.
  • Thousands of stores closing.
  • Commercial Real Estate Crashes.
  • Credit Card sector financial stability further impacted.
Celente highlights 11 Trends.
1.)  Collapse Of 2009. Continued bailouts and other actions to maintain the status quo.
  • Government attempts at all levels to increase taxes, fees to replace lost revenue and pay for the cost of bailouts to maintain government operating as normal. 
  • Taxpayers will resist… the rise of anti-tax, anti-government movements that will flourish. 
  • Tax revolt kits on how to get referendums to voters will become available.
2.)  The Greatest Depression.  A combination of factors will lead to this being the decline and fall of the American Empire.
  • There will be serious questions about safety of banks and your money.
  • The sales of Safes and Guns which are already rising dramatically.
  • There will be increases in crime as the economy deteriorates.
3.) The Second American Revolution...there is no longer a question of if...but when and how it will unfold.
  • A combination of factors and actions by government (bailouts, special interests) will lead to a concentration of power.
  • The question is what will the spark(s) be. 
  • This will be unprecedented in American History.
4.)  Obama-rama.
  • The election of Obama marketed and sold to the world and people as ushering in a new political era.
  • The Obama success will be more a sleight of hand and deception than the integrity and determination of honouring principles.
  • Example:  The Obama cabinet is largely a retread of the Clinton's team.
  • No evidence Obama can ameliorate or arrest  points 1 through 3 above.
5.)  Economic Slimfast.
  • Americans will go on a debt, spending and fitness diet.
  • The return of frugality in daily lives (individual and and in groups) is just beginning and will accelerate as conditions worsen.
6.)  Bush Gardens
  • There will be an increase in gardening and ways to become self sufficient.
  • There will be local efforts to reduce local living costs.
7.) Whole Health replace costly and inefficient health care.
8.)  Little People Squeeze.
  • The Politicians and Government will attempt to maintain the status quo as revenues fall by trying to find new ways to get money from the public.
  • Government will think of everything (Sales and Sin Taxes, Fees, Registration, etc.) to get money.
  • Historically, all governments fail when taxes become burdensome to the average person.
9.)  Regenerative Medicine - Biotechnology, stem cell research.
10.)  Entertainment Rebirth.  Cheap new forms of inexpensive entertainment.
11.) College Crash...costs become prohibitive with not enough return on investment. The rise of on-line, virtual education.
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