Sunday, September 13, 2009

Motorola Cliq Gallery and Impressions – Android phone


Image by benmarvin via Flickr

By Dan Nosowitz

The phone is significantly smaller in person than it looked in photos—it's thinner than the T-Mobile G1 and feels very comfortable in the hand. It's got an interesting array of buttons, some nice additions and some mysteriously absent. There's no dedicated call button on the front of the phone, replaced instead by a soft button on the homescreen. The 3.5mm headphone jack is on the top of the device (when the keyboard is closed) and the right side holds the power button and the camera button. The left side holds the volume rocker, silent switch and microUSB charging slot.

On the front of the phone are three hardware buttons: Menu, Home, and Back. A long press on the Menu button, or navigating into any text-input area, brings up a soft keyboard, a nice option for when you just want to jot a few words down (or want one-handed operation). The Cliq's screen was pretty good, and is capacitive, and bright and responsive. It's as good as the other HTC Android phones, as a reference.

Motorola Cliq Gallery and Impressions - Android phone

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