Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gold Bashing 101: A Mainstream Press Primer

by cmartenson

It is pretty clear that gold has its detractors in the mainstream press, and this next article is so over the top as to be an hilarious object lesson in the art of gold bashing.

It all starts with the title itself and gets funnier quickly.

US gold ends down $1, fails to break above $1,000

First of all, gold ended UP on the day by $2.80, not down. Second of all, you'd never see a similarly worded headline for, say, a favored stock which had just finished the week up 35 bucks.  Can you imagine if Google went from $400 to $414 for the week reading the headline "Google fails to break above $415?"  I can't either.

Here's the rest:

Gold Bashing 101: A Mainstream Press Primer