Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Obama Speech - Obama And Brandeis

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By Simon Johnson

President Obama’s speech yesterday was disappointing.  As a diagnosis of the problems that let us into financial crisis, it was his clearest and best effort so far.  He didn’t say it was a rare accident for which no one is to blame; rather he placed the blame squarely on the structure, incentives, and actions of Wall Street.

But then he said: our regulatory reforms will fix that.  This is hard to believe.  And even the President seems to have his doubts, because he added a plea that – in the meantime – the financial sector should behave better.

The audience was comprised of our financial elite, but the Wall Street Journal reports “not one CEO from a top U.S. bank was in attendance” (p.A4).  How’s that for demonstrating respect, gratitude, and a willingness to behave better?

Louis Brandeis, of course, would have seen things differently.  The author of “Other People’s Money: And How The Bankers Use It,” was under no illusions concerning the underlying financial power structures and how they operated.  He would have regarded an appeal to the better nature of bankers as somewhere between humorous and sad.

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