Monday, October 5, 2009

IBM Competes with Google, Offers Discount E-mail Service

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By Kelly McGuire

IBM (News - Alert) will stop at nothing to be the best of the best in the Web world. And, with companies like major Web mogul Google Inc., vying to breaking into the business software market, IBM’s newest email service offer gives Google (News - Alert) some stiff competition. 

In efforts to compete with Google, IBM is offering a bare-bones email service called LotusLive iNotes for $36 per worker annually, compared to a more comprehensive software package that Google offers for a slightly higher cost at $50 per worker annually.
"Candidly, Google has shown itself to be weak" in some areas of e-mail, Sean Poulley, an IBM executive overseeing the company's e-mail service, said. "There is a world of difference between supporting a consumer-grade service and a business-grade service."

Dave Girouard, who oversees Google's e-mail and other services tailored for companies, responded that Google will learn the ins and outs of selling software to businesses more quickly than IBM will adapt to cloud computing and Google isn't planning to lower its prices.

IBM Competes with Google, Offers Discount E-mail Service

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