Thursday, May 7, 2009

Facebook Connect Now Live On Digg

by Michael Arrington on May 6, 2009

Digg has done a lot of talking about integrating Facebookimage Connect, but not much in the way of actual implementing.  That changes today, we’ve heard from a source close to the company, and Digg will go live with the service some time today. Facebook gets another big name partner on its increasingly popular Facebook Connect platform.

Digg CEO Jay Adelson has suggested that Facebook Connect is the future of Digg, and that Facebook’s massive userbase will both spur Digg usage and provide a collaborative filter on stories.

Facebook Connect Now Live On Digg

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1 comment:

Harsh Agrawal said...

I enabled the feature after seeing on official Digg blog, but It turns out to be very annoying because whenever we digg any article it enable a pop up saying Do you want to post it on facebook.
If you are an active digger who Digg more then 100 posts a day. You will always find this feature very annoying.

Its better to keep a check box, which can be used to publish any dugg article on your facebook wall.