Friday, May 8, 2009

HTC Magic review - HTC Smartphones

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Dave Oliver published May 1, 2009

The second Google Android handset is finally among us after what seems like an extended wait, and was it worth it? Yes indeed – the HTC Magic is better in just about every way to its predecessor, the G1, unless you really need a slide-out Qwerty keyboard or you hate Vodafone.

It's exclusively available on the red network for now, and has managed the trick of keeping virtually all that was good about its predecessor, while making some significant improvements.

First, it's a lot slimmer and more pocket-friendly than the G1 at 113x55x14mm and 119g. It still has that odd little chin at the bottom though, which doesn't serve any practical purpose, but HTC feels it helps with brand definition. It's not so pronounced and ugly-looking as before, but we're still not convinced it's necessary at all.

HTC Magic review - HTC Smartphones - Know Your Mobile

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